List of Commands

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gensym Set global variable symbol for polynomial matrices.
gprop Set/modify global polynomial properties.
pformat Set output format.
pinit Initialize the Polynomial Toolbox.
checkpb Check conflicts of Polynomial toolbox variables.
pver Polynomial Toolbox version information.
pversion Polynomial Toolbox version number.
tolerance Set global relative tolerance.
userdata Set or return user data of polynomial object.
verbose Set global verbose level


deg Extract various degrees matrices.
lcoef Extract various leading coefficient matrices.
lop Create a polynomial matrix object.
pol Create a polynomial matrix object.
pprop Set/modify properties of polynomial matrix.
symbol Set or return variable symbol of polynomial matrix.


bhf Converts realization (A,B,C) into upper Hessenberg form.
bhf2rmf Converts realization into a right coprime MFD.
dsp2pol Conversion from DSP format to Polynomial Toolbox format.
dss2lmf Descriptor state space to left mfd.
dss2rmf Descriptor state space to right mfd.
dss2ss Descriptor system to Stace Space system.
dssreg Regularization of a standard descriptor plant.
lmf2dss Left mfd to descriptor state space.
lmf2rat Left mfd to polynomial numerator and denominator matrices.
lmf2rmf Left-to-Right conversion of mfd.
lmf2ss LMF to Observer-form realization (A,B,C,D).
lmf2tf LMF to Control System Toolbox transfer function.
lmf2zpk LMF to Control System Toolbox zero-pole-gain.
lti2lmf LTI object to Left Polynomial Matrix Fraction.
lti2rmf LTI object to Right Polynomial Matrix Fraction.
mat2pol Conversion from Matlab format to Polynomial Toolbox format.
new2old Conversion to old polynomial matrix format.
old2new Conversion from old polynomial format to new.
pol2dsp Conversion from Polynomial Toolbox format to DSP format.
pol2mat Conversion from Polynomial Toolbox format to Matlab format.
pol2root Extract zeros and gains of polynomial matrix.
pol2tex  NEW   Formats a polynomial matrix for use in a LaTeX document
rat2lmf Polynomial numerator and denominator matrices to left mfd.
rat2rmf Polynomial numerator and denominator matrices to right mfd.
reverse Reverse the variable of PMF.
rmf2dss Right mfd to descriptor state space.
rmf2lmf Right-to-Left conversion of mfd.
rmf2rat Right mfd to polynomial numerator and denominator matrices.
rmf2ss RMF to Controller-form realization (A,B,C,D).
rmf2tf RMF to Control System Toolbox transfer function.
rmf2zpk RMF to Control System Toolbox zero-pole-gain.
root2pol Construct polynomial matrix from its zeros and gains.
ss LMF or RMF to LTI object in state space form.
ss2dss State space to Descriptor State Space.
ss2lmf State space to left matrix fraction conversion.
ss2rmf State space to right matrix fraction conversion.
sym Conversion from polynomial matrix to symbolic format.
tf LMF or RMF to LTI object in transfer function form.
tf2lmf Control System Toolbox Transfer Function to LMF.
tf2rmf Control System Toolbox Transfer Function to RMF.
zpk LMF or RMF to LTI object in zero-pole-gain-form.
zpk2lmf Zero-pole-gain to left matrix fraction.
zpk2rmf Zero-pole-gain to right matrix fraction.


char Convert a polynomial object to cell array of strings.
ctranspose (') Conjugate transposition.
display Command window display of polynomial matrix.
eq Equality test for polynomial matrices.
fliplr Flip a polynomial matrix in left/right direction.
flipud Flip a polynomial matrix in up/down direction.
horzcat ([,]) Horizontal concatenation of polynomial matrices.
kron Kronecker tensor product of polynomial matrices.
ldivide (.\) Left polynomial array divide.
minus (-) Binary subtraction of polynomial matrices.
mldivide (\) Backslash or left polynomial matrix divide.
mpower (^) Matrix power for polynomial matrix.
mrdivide (/) Slash or right polynomial matrix divide.
mtimes (*) Matrix multiplication of polynomial matrices.
ne Inequality test for polynomial matrices.
plus (+) Binary addition of polynomial matrices.
power (.^) Element-wise power for polynomial matrix.
rdivide (./) Right array divide.
subsasgn Subscripted assignment for polynomial matrix.
subsref Subscripted reference for polynomial matrix.
times (.*) Element-wise multiplication.
transpose (.') Matrix transposition.
uminus Unary minus of polynomial matrix.
uplus Unary plus of polynomial matrix.
vertcat ([;]) Vertical concatenation of polynomial matrices.


compan Block companion matrix.
conj Polynomial matrix complex conjugate.
det Compute determinant of square polynomial matrix.
det2d Determinant of 2-D polynomial matrix.
diag Extract diagonals and create diagonal matrices.
imag Imaginary part of polynomial matrix.
inv Inverse of a polynomial matrix.
isempty True for empty polynomial matrix.
isfinite True for finite elements in polynomial matrix.
isinf True for infinite elements in polynomial matrix.
isnan True for Not-a-Number in polynomial matrix.
isprime True for left or right prime polynomial matrix.
isreal True for real polynomial matrix.
length Length of vector.
lu LU factorization for polynomial matrices.
norm Polynomial matrix norms.
null Null space of a polynomial matrix.
pinv Pseudoinverse of polynomial matrix.
polyval Evaluate a polynomial matrix.
prod Product of elements of polynomial matrix.
rank Polynomial matrix rank.
real Real part of polynomial matrix.
roots Find polynomial matrix roots.
rot90 Rotate polynomial matrix 90 degrees.
shift Shift polynomial matrix.
size Polynomial matrix dimensions.
sum Sum of elements of polynomial matrix.
sylv Create Sylvester matrix of a polynomial matrix.
trace Sum of diagonal elements of a polynomial matrix.
tril Extract lower triangular part of polynomial matrix.
triu Extract upper triangular part of polynomial matrix.

BASIC FUNCTIONS (other than overloaded)

adj Adjoint of square polynomial matrix.
charact Characteristic vectors of a polynomial matrix.
evenpart Return the even part of a polynomial object.
hurwitz Create Hurwitz matrix of polynomial objects.
inertia Inertia of a polynomial matrix.
isfullrank True if polynomial matrix has full rank.
isproper True if polynomial matrix fraction is proper.
issingular True if polynomial matrix is singular.
isstable True if polynomial matrix is stable.
isunimod True if polynomial matrix is unimodular.
kharit Create Kharitonov polynomials.
gram Gramian of polynomial matrix fraction.
h2norm H2 norm of a polynomial matrix fraction.
hinfnorm H-infinity norm of a polynomial matrix fraction.
linvt Linear transform of variable.
longldiv Long left polynomial matrix division.
longrdiv Long right polynomial matrix division.
oddpart Return the odd part of a polynomial object.
polfit Fit polynomial matrix element-by-element to data.
polpart Polynomial matrix symmetric part extraction.
polyder Derivative of a polynomial matrix.
prand Generates polynomial matrix with random coefficients.
ptopex Extreme polynomials for a polytope of polynomials.
pzer Perform zeroing on a polynomial matrix.
scale Scale a polynomial matrix.


complete   NEW Complete a non-square polynomial matrix to a square unimodular matrix
gld Greatest left divisor of polynomial matrices.
grd Greatest right divisor of polynomial matrices.
ldiv Left polynomial matrix division.
llm Least left multiple of polynomial matrices.
lrm Least right multiple of polynomial matrices.
minbasis Minimal polynomial basis.
rdiv Right polynomial matrix division.
stabint Stability interval of uncertain polynomial matrices.


d,p,q,s,v,z,zi Create simple basic monomials. 
mono Create monomial matrix(vector) of current global variable.
clements Conversion to Clements standard form.
pencan Conversion to real Kronecker canonical form.
plyap Solution of the pencil equation A*X+Y*B=C.


cgivens1 Calculates Givens rotation.
gare   NEW Solution of the generalized algebraic Riccati equation
qzord Ordered qz transformation.
schurst Ordered complex Schur decomposition of a matrix.


colred Column reduced form of a polynomial matrix.
diagred Diagonal reduced form of a polynomial matrix.
echelon Echelon form of a polynomial matrix.
hermite Hermite form of a polynomial matrix.
pdg Diagonalization of a polynomial matrix.
rowred Row reduced form of a polynomial matrix.
smith Smith form of a polynomial object.
tri Triangular or staircase form of a polynomial matrix.


debe Deadbeat controllers of discrete-time linear systems.
dssh2    NEW Descriptor solution of the standard H-2 optimization problem
dsshinf H-inf suboptimal compensator for descriptor systems.
dssmin Minimize dimension of pseudo state descriptor system.
dssrch Search Optimal Solution descriptor H-inf problem.
h2   NEW Polynomial solution of the standard H-2 optimization problem
mixeds Solution SISO mixed sensitivity problem.
plqg Polynomial solution of a MIMO LQG problem.
psseig   NEW Polynomial approach to eigenstructure assignment for state-space system
psslqr   NEW Polynomial approach to linear-quadratic regulator design for state-space system
pplace Polynomial pole placement.
splqg Polynomial solution of a SISO LQG problem.
stab Stabilizing controllers of linear systems.
tsyp   NEW  Use the Tsypkin-Polyak function to determine the robustness margin for a continuous interval polynomial


axb Solution of AX = B.
axbc Solution of AXB = C.
axbyc Solution of AX + BY = C.
axxab Solution of A'X + X'A = B.
axyab Solution of A'X + Y'A = B.
axybc Solution of AX + YB = C.
xaaxb Solution of XA' + AX' = B.
xab Solution of XA = B.
xaybc Solution of XA + YB = C.


fact Polynomial matrix factor extraction.
spcof Polynomial J-spectral co-factorization.
spf Polynomial spectral factorization.



Simulink mdl-file.
sim2lmf    NEW Simulink-to-LMF description of a dynamic system
sim2rmf   NEW Simulink-to-RMF description of a dynamic system


khplot Plot of Kharitonov rectangles for interval polynomials.
pplot 2-D plot of polynomial matrix.
pplot3 3-D plot of polynomial matrix.
ptopplot Plots polygonal values set for polytope of polynomials.
sarea, sareaplot NEW Robust stability area for polynomials with parametric uncertainties
spherplot   NEW Plot the value set ellipses for a spherical polynomial family
vset,vsetplot  NEW Value set of parametric polynomial. A tool for robust stability testing via Zero Exclusion Condition
zpplot Plot of zero-pole map.



Polynomial Matrix Editor.
covf Covariance function of an ARMA process.
demoB Script file for the demo "Control of a batch process".
demoM Script file for the demo "Polynomial solution of the SISO mixed sensitivity H-infinity problem".
minsens Minimum peak sensitivity.
poldemo   NEW This demo reviews several of the functions and operations defined in the Polynomial Toolbox for polynomials and polynomial matrices
poldemodebe   NEW Design of a dead-beat compensator
poldemodet   NEW Comparison between numerical and symbolic computation of determi-nant of a polynomial matrix. This demo requires the Symbolic Toolbox to be installed
poldesk Comprehensive hypertext documentation.
polrobustshow NEW Overview of parametric robust control tools
poltutorshow   NEW Introduction into the basic operations with polynomials and polynomial matrices. This is a graphical version of the text based demo poldemo

NEW  Macros newly included in Version 2.5


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