Individual License. An individual license allows products to be installed and used on a single computer.

Group License. Group-administered licenses are intended for sites where a single systems administrator installs and maintains the products on a group of computers. A group license allows products to be installed and used on a specified number of computers. Pricing is determined by multiplying the number of computers on which the product is installed by the individual price. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to track and control the number of installations of each licensed product.

Concurrent PC License. Concurrent licensing allows products to be licensed per concurrent user on computers connected to a server running a single license manager. The product is not locked to a specific computer; instead, it allows a specified number of concurrent users (sessions) to run the products on any computer in a local area network. Pricing is determined by the number of concurrent users. This license option is available for PCs under Windows and Linux.

Concurrent All-Platform License. Under this concurrent license, products can float among all supported Windows and UNIX systems as long as they operate under a single license manager on a local area network.

Academic discounts. We are pleased to offer the Polynomial Toolbox to universities at reduced prices. Under this plan, the products are restricted to use in connection with on-campus computing facilities that are used solely in support of classroom instruction and research activities of students and faculty. The right to use the products for commercial purposes is expressly excluded. We offer these reduced prices as a service to universities, and ask your help in seeing that the privilege is not abused.

Student Version. Student Licenses are restricted to use on a student's own computer. Student Licenses are further restricted to use in connection with courses offered at degree-granting institutions, either by students working towards a degree, or by continuing education students. The right to use the Programs for any other purposes, including commercial purposes, is expressly prohibited. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Student licenses are nontransferable. Maintenance and Support are not provided with the Student License.


Product updates are automatically shipped to you if you are current under the annual Subscription Service program.


For Group and Concurrent licenses, a single CD kit and one copy of Manual are shipped per Group or Concurrent license. For Individual licenses, a CD and one copy of Manual are shipped for each individual license. You may purchase additional Manual copies. The second part of documentation called Commands is available in electronic form on the CD. You may purchase its printed copy separately.


There are three ways to order the Polynomial Toolbox:

  1. Mail the order, accompanied by a check in EUR payable to PolyX, Ltd., Praha, or by a payment via bank transfer.
  2. Charge the order to a VISA, MasterCard, American Express or JCB. Include card number, expiration date, and name as it appears on the card.
  3. Mail or fax a purchase order or fill in and submit the Web order form on our Web sites. We cannot ship based on phone-in purchase orders. Payment terms are Net 30 and must be referenced on your purchase order.


The POLYNOMIAL TOOLBOX is delivered by standard air mail service (1-2 weeks delivery) or via DHL mail service (fast delivery). Prices as shown do not include shipping and handling fees; these must be included in your order.


Organization Identification Number (ICO): 25696025
Taxpayer Identification Number (DIC): CZ25696025